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To register call 541-956-7241 or register online using links below.

No prior experience needed!

3D Printing
August 2 - 3-D workshop (1:00AM - 4:00PM)

Instructor: Karl Brake

Participants will receive an introduction to the basic functions of the 3-D graphics program ZBrush and have their projects printed in three dimensions in ABS plastic using the Art Department’s Makerbot Replicator 2 printer.
Working from a ball of “virtual clay,” students will learn how to free-form sculpt an alien or fantasy head.

Class will be held at
RCC Redwood Campus, D Building, Room 3
3345 Redwood Hwy.
Grant Pass.

Cost: $45 plus $10 for materials.

Glass Forge workshop
August 9th (9:00AM - 12:00PM)

Create something magical out of molten particles of sand. Watch the transformation as the hot flames lik at the thick viscous glass. Participants will make their own original glass masterpiece in the form of a paperweight or an ornament.

Class will be held at:
The Glass Forge
501 SW G St.
Grants Pass

Dress cool (as in for hot weather)!
Cost: $60 includes all materials.

Fabric Origami Boxes
August 16th (9:00AM - 12:00PM)
Instructor: Linda Dunn

Learn to transform your favorite fabrics into fabulous origami boxes perfect for gift giving, stowing away small treasures, or display as an unique decorating accent. Class instruction will walk you through fabric selection and preparation, box construction and finaly creative embellishing ideas.

Class will be held at:
214 SW 4th St.
Grants Pass

Cost: $25 plus $20 for materials.

Drum Making
August 23rd 12:00PM - 4:00PM)
Instructor: Chris Pondelick

March to the beat of your own drum – the drum you make yourself. We will supply everything you need to create a Native American-style hand drum.

Class will be held at:
214 SW 4th St
Grants Pass

Cost: $25 plus $40 for materials.

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