Janet Higgins - Local Artist

Hello, I'm Janet Higgins and I've been doing my art and creating things most of my life. That means that I respond to the world around me and communicate my ideas about it visually. I give you something to look at that will tell you what I think and what I see.

I started drawing as a child, which suited my nature well because it allowed me to be by myself. I was kind of shy as a kid. When I went to college my parents were nice enough to let me major in fine art at UC Berkeley, although I did take one business course to make my Dad happy and help round out my education. I dropped the business class after two weeks - that was about all the rounding out I could stand.

Now I live in a city and community that seem to be increasing its embrace of the arts. I've painted most of my life and here in Grants Pass I've been able to explore the world of sculpture in clay and steel by taking some wonderful classes in the ceramics and welding departments of Rogue Community College. The large steel grasshopper playing a cello, which will have a permanent home next to the Post Office later this month, was done with help of the wonderful welding instructors at RCC. My thanks to them for teaching me how get tough with steel.

When I first moved here from Hong Kong 11years ago I referred to Grants Pass as having a wonderful artistic "underground". The artists were here but not a really important part of the community. So now. 11 years later Grants Pass is the kind of place where people look forward to going to First Friday Art Nights. Their numbers rivaled only by cities like Portland. I've participated in Bearfest, Chalk street painting, fire hydrant painting, done sets for plays and designed a house for Imagination Village. Our city has really blossomed in its love of the arts and I'm so pleased to be living in a city and having my kids attend school where art and artists thrive.